During your course you can choose some of the modules you study. The number of contact hours depends on your course and university.

What are modules?

Modules are pretty varied- you have the choice of modules about society, history, literature, culture and linguistics, amongst other things. You can read what some university students have written about their module choices in our student voices section.

Core modules

For your degree, there will be certain modules which are compulsory. For example, if you study linguistics, then you’ll have to take linguistics modules, or if you study another subject such as history then you may have to take a core history module.

Optional modules

There’s a lot more choice in what you can study when it comes to optional modules and you may be able to choose some that aren’t directly related to your degree. Your university will give you more information about the modules that are available to you.


Assessment comes in a variety of forms and differs between modules. Different types of assessments include:

  • Essay/report
  • Dissertation
  • Exam
  • Presentation
  • Class participation
  • Online blogging

Your lecturers will give you information about assessment at the start of a module.