Need advice on the year abroad?

The year abroad (YA) is probably going to be the best year of your life, so use this section to help make that possible. The process of moving abroad is full of having to make decisions, forms to fill in and new surroundings to get used to. There is so much to think about and organise that it could be getting a bit too much for you. Well don't let it!

Help! I want to go to [insert destination] but I don’t know if it’s safe?

All countries are unsafe - granted, some more than others - but it’s down to you to be street-wise and take the necessary safety precautions. Read up about the country or area you are wishing to go to; find out where the ‘dodgy’ and nice areas are, read reviews that other travellers/holiday-makers have written about their experiences there. This will help you to make an informed decision about how safe that area or country seems before you start applying to go there.

You can also reduce any hassle and safety issues when you are in the country: make sure you know the country’s emergency numbers, carry a whistle and a mobile phone with you at all times, tell people of your whereabouts, travel in groups at night, don’t go off with people you’ve just met, don’t flash your valuables or attract unnecessary attention. 

Help! I don’t know where to go for my year abroad?

Your year abroad is all about choice and decision making and this is one of the first ones you have to make. When deciding where to go there are some factors to consider which are personal to each of us and we’ve compiled them in the year abroad section. If you're overwhelmed by all the choice you can find out on the Third Year Abroad website.

Ask somebody who’s been abroad before you for their recommendations and advice as they’ll be able to give you the insider info and answers specific questions that you may have.

Don’t forget, there’s also the summer before and after your year abroad so you’ve got the opportunity then to explore another place if you found it hard to decide between a few destinations.

Help! I can’t find a company to work for on my YA, what do I do?

If working on your year abroad tickles your fancy but finding a company to work for is proving to be quite difficult and tricky to secure, then you might just find the answer on the Third Year Abroad website. This site has lots of info on where to find companies that you can work for abroad and even how to write your CV and process your application.

Help! How do I budget for my YA?

Money is a big part of your year abroad as there are quite a few additional costs that you don't normally have to budget for back in the UK. Look back over our managing money section. Remember not to rely on your grant as it takes a few months to come through and is meant to help you with costs not cover them all.