Début Journal: Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2012

Début: The Undergraduate Journal of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies is an online peer-reviewed journal for students. To submit a paper, see the instructions for authors.

ISSN: 2044-72
Download: Debut, Vol 3, Number 1 (pdf, 1.95 MB)
Published Spring 2012



  • Are some topics off limits for undergraduate research?
    John Canning


  • Rumpelstiltskin & Co: Characteristics and Requirements of Children’s Literature in Translation
    Stefanie Müller
  • An investigation into pragmatic functions of discourse markers ‘you know’, ‘right’ and ‘so ‘in non-native/non-native interaction in English
    Vlad Mackevic
  • The Che of The Motorcycle Diaries: Kerouacian rebel or Marxist revolutionary?
    Ian David Martin
  • A survey of young British people’s attitudes towards the learning of the UK’s regional languages
    Florien Briet
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