Useful information for when you first move abroad

Here are some things that will come in handy when you first arrive on your year abroad and are worth thinking about before you go.

Mobile phone

Buy a cheap mobile phone and a pay as you go SIM card to keep in touch with the new people you meet. In some European countries, there are student friendly packages with unlimited texts or calls for only a few Euros a month.


Look into getting a travel card while you’re abroad, as you’ll almost certainly be using public transport to get around. These tend to give you reduced rates, much like a 16-25 Railcard in the UK. You can also get local travel cards which cover all transport within a city. If you contact your local university and register as a student, you may be able to get a student travel card. Have a look on the local transport website to find other offers and discounts available to you.


This is the International Student Identity Card. Your UK student card may not be accepted everywhere, but an ISIC card should be and you’ll be able to use it in over 120 countries. If you are on a work placement, then this will get you student rates on things such as cinema tickets or museum entry.